Small Town Wisconsin


After losing a custody battle, perpetual teenager Wayne Stobierski steals his son away for one last father-son weekend to the city of their dreams… Milwaukee, Wisconsin. What’s supposed to be a light-hearted adventure, transforms into a journey of profound redemption.


Wayne Stobierski is the most fun-loving, hardest-living, biggest-time party animal in Rhinelander, Wisconsin (population 7,798). Just ask his favorite wingman, Tyler — who’s seen it all, lived it all, loved it all. Only problem? Tyler is Wayne’s seven year old son. And Tyler’s mom doesn’t think it appropriate when she cautions, “It’s only fun until someone gets hurt” for her son to gleefully quote his dad and shout, “Well then let’s have fun until someone gets hurt!” …


When Wayne finds out he is losing custody and that his son will be moving to Arizona, he decides to take Tyler on one last father-son trip…to the big city of his dreams…  Milwaukee, Wisconsin (population 594,830). Poor Wayne. Out of his small-town comfort zone, all of his plans go disastrously — and hilariously — wrong. But somehow, in the process, the trip becomes much more than a fun-filled, last blow-out…and transforms into a journey of heartfelt redemption.