About Us

With offices in Los Angeles and Berlin, avenueROAD films, LLC produces low budget, character-driven films.

Philippe Brenninkmeyer (Producer) and Tara Lynn Orr (Writer/Director) founded avenueROAD in 2012. “BIS GLEICH” was the first project developed and produced by avenueROAD.

BIS GLEICH was shot in Berlin in 2013 with a German director and an accomplished international crew. To date, avenueROAD and BIS GLEICH has won over 40 awards, and was Shortlisted for the 2016 *Academy Awards.

In June, 2015, Tara directed the company’s second short film, HE SAID, in Los Angeles. He Said hit the Festival circuit in March of 2017 and has already won several awards including: Best Women’s Short Film at the Cleveland International Film Festival!

avenueROAD is currently developing two feature films. The first of which will go into production in late 2017.